sales and technical representation for manufacturers

Company History

Optimotive LLC was founded in 2003 in Jackson, MI to provide sales and technical representation for manufacturers supplying the OEM automotive, heavy truck and construction equipment markets in North America. We have represented steel and aluminum closed die forging operations, both domestic and international, and several precision machining houses. We currently represent PMT Industries, a unit of W.T. Walker Group, and Camshaft Machine Co. PMTI is a premier closed die forge shop specializing in complex steel forgings including heavy duty pistons, truck steering knuckles and spindles and automotive suspension components. Camshaft Machine Co. is a precision machiner of camshafts for engine and fuel pump applications.


Kevin Lawler, President

  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • MS Materials Science
  • 6 years in metallurgy & quality with Snap-on Tools Corp.
  • 17 years in engineering and sales with Camshaft Machine Co.
  • 8 years as President of CDP North America (Peddinghaus Group- Forgings)

Dick Brietzke, Director of Sales

  • BS Metallurgical Engineering
  • MBA
  • 22 years in engineering & sales with Wyman-Gordon Co., predominantly involving diesel crankshaft forgings and machining
  • 9 years in automotive sales with Simpson Industries/Metaldyne, chassis and powertrain products
  • 3 years in forging sales with Federal Forge-Lansing
  • 3 years in forging sales with CDP-North America